Spring / Summer 2012 Campaign

New York based artist David Benjamin Sherry is renowned for bringing a fresh voice to the photographic medium. His technical competence was refined at the prestigious Yale photography program, and he compliments this with his own practice of magical realism to create iconic fantastical compositions.

The Spring / Summer 2012 campaign shot by David Benjamin Sherry features a David Benjamin Sherry self portrait showcasing the menswear collection and models Kati Nescher and Suvi Koponen showcasing womenswear.

Pringle of Scotland design director Alistair Carr worked closely with David Benjamin Sherry in the production of the final campaign creative - with the menswear campaign image collage by David Benjamin Sherry and the womenswear collages by Alistair Carr.

Landscape is an intrinsic element of Sherry's work and the Pringle of Scotland campaign is no exception - shot in the stunning Verzsaca valley, Switzerland, the rugged landscape and colourscape of the rocks work to accentuate the impact of the collections and combined with the presentation through collage the scenes take on a hyper-real, pop up appearance.