Product Sketch

Tilda Swinton

Born in London

Lives and works in Nairn

“The twinset of my dreams” (2010)

“Cooked up with my friend Waris - a sort of eternal heraldic uniform for the representatives of our joint states: the house of Waris twinned with the free state of Swintonia. silver and enamel jewels for buttons on a bottle green cardigan inspired by the first pringle jumper I ever purloined from my grandmother - and darned with loving care, as every truly legendary Scottish cardigan eventually ends up being, by faithful hands, as if over several generations. vive le twinset! le twinset rools! the twinset of my dreams.”

V-Neck twinset with collar

Jewel buttons and brooch by House of Waris

100 % cashmere

Made in Scotland

Edition of 195

Tilda Swinton V neck twinset with collar designed by Tilda Swinton