Product Sketch

David Shrigley

Born 1968 in Macclesfield

Lives and works in Glasgow

“Annoying” (2010)

“My argyle sweater design is titled annoying. the text annoying is written on the label, which permanently sticks up at the back of the neck of the sweater. it is designed to be annoying to those who find such things annoying, and perhaps to be provocative on the part of the wearer of the sweater. the argyle design could also be seen as being slightly annoying, in that it is awkward and asymmetrical. but these things are only annoying if one lets oneself be annoyed by them. the secret of a happy life is to accept these kinds of things as they are.”

Hand intarsia v-neck cardigan

100 % cashmere

Made in Scotland

Edition of 195

David Shrigley Argyle cardigan designed by David Shrigley