Autumn / Winter 2012 Campaign

New York based Photographer Roe Ethridge is renowned for his conceptual work that juxtaposes contrasting images to unique effect, making him the perfect fit for this campaign.

Traditional portraits with a formal feel showcase the polished, luxurious side of the collection. These overlay more sinister shots that are glimpsed beneath- hinting at a darker, more rebellious side. Both the formal portraits and the unrestrained shots beneath feature models Jake Shortall and Alison Nix, emphasising the different sides of one collection.

The campaign was shot on location at Gallerist Eva Pesenhuber’s house in VNA, Switzerland- an incredible private residence designed by Architects Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler. Fuhrimann Hächler is responsible for the new pringle of scotland store designs set to open later in 2012. The contrasting textures of the building juxtapose organic wooden surfaces against rough concrete, echoing the contrast of the shots in the campaign, as well as showcasing elements that will be a feature of the new store designs.

In keeping with the brand’s collaborative approach, Pringle of Scotland worked closely with Roe Ethridge in the art direction of the campaign in order to create the right balance of sophistication and defiance that is intrinsic to the collection.